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No More Posting Negative Reviews Of Ex-Employers On Google

Google LLC, an American global technology company which specializes in Internet related services and products and precisely includes online marketing technologies, search, cloud computing, software and hardware has restructured its review policies and according to that people are now barred from go through their former place of work negatively on its business tool. According to the organization, this move will also make more truthful reviews that people post on Google My Business. Google My Business is the instrument behind the rating that appears on screen when one carries out search for a business using the search engine or its mapping functions, such as a pub or restaurant by using the search engine or its mapping functions.

No More Posting Negative Reviews Of Ex-Employers On Google

Now, the Internet giant has categorical to lock down on who can post assessments in an effort to make them more accurate. The company has updated its review policies to ban people from go through their former place of work negatively.

The Independent further quoted the establishment as stating that usually the maps are user contributed content and is most valuable when it is honest and unbiased. Posting negative content about a current or former employment experience is not strictly allowed. Earlier, previous employees were given free hand to post any kind of review of places they used to work at. Google now said that it will consider this practice to be a conflict of interest.

Users are also debarred from assessing their own business and posting any negative content about a competitor to manipulate ratings as these leads in damaging a company’s reputation in the eyes of an actual customer and were difficult to remove. This alteration will make it easier for companies to get Google to remove any negative reviews, which should result in the ratings becoming more useful for ordinary people.

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