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You Will Continue To See Condom Ads During The Day. Here’s Why

Information and Broadcasting’s Ministry has issued a clarification within the ruckus over its move to ban advertisements of the condom between 6 in the morning and 10 in the night.

You Will Continue To See Condom Ads During The Day. Here's Why

The ban only applies to advertisements that have sexually unambiguous scenes, the ministry has now said.

The I&B Ministry said, those commercials which do not portray sexuality of women specifically can stay to be advertised beyond restricted hours.

Commercials that not at all portray females in a sensual manner exposing their body will be shown in the ads. Methods of safe sex, without objectifying women, are also not banned. The Department Of Broadcasting And Information said that advertisements that aim to inform citizens about safe sex can be shown in the advertisement as it is giving an information to the society.

A notice was issued by trial law court in the state of Rajasthan to the Health Ministry and Information and Broadcasting Ministry about the December 11 order putting a ban on the advertisement of the condom during the daytime.

It was decided on December 11, 2017, that the I&B Ministry will issue an order banning advertisements of the condom. The ministry said, they had received various complaints against the ads.

Few channels continually show ads of the condom, which is not suitable for children especially.

While banning such ads during the day, the ministry has referred to 1994’s Advertising Code of the Cable Television Network Rules.

Any commercial that exploits the protection of little children and creates in their mind any interest, which is unhealthy or even shows children begging or in any undignified manner will be barred. The law under the ad code does not permit to show any rude and vulgar things on the television, which has a bad impact on the viewers’ mind.

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