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The Girl From Pune Aims To Set A Record By Solo Cycling Across The Globe

Vedangi Kulkarni, the 19-year-old, aims to make her New Year 2018 special by aiming to be the fastest and youngest woman cyclist to travel across the globe by completing 29,000-kilometer path alone within 130 days.

The Girl From Pune Aims To Set A Record By Solo Cycling Across The Globe

Kulkarni, a student from Bournemouth University in Sports Management, just prior to her 1400 km “Training Ride” starting from Mumbai and ends at Delhi states that the solo journey is exciting for her while mentioning that it’s her style of celebrating the New Year’s Eve.

Vedangi is based from Pune while planning to set her record in the month of June with the coming New Year from Australia (Perth) while dividing it into five phases of the campaign. The campaign’s first phase includes the end-to-end destination (Australia-Brisbane) while flying to start her phase 2nd from Wellington, which will end at Auckland. To start the 3rd phase she will fly from the last destination to Anchorage in Alaska while ending it to Montreal. The phases further continue and finish her aim by flying to the start of the phase Perth.

Vedangi went to the UK to get admission in the course of Sports Management due to which he aims started shaping up for becoming a world record cyclist. She cycles hundreds of kilometers every weekend to train herself and reach the goal. She explained that she read various books and met various people prior to planning her campaign, as she needed help due to the logistic involvement in her solo journey.

She tried her luck for sponsorship in the capital of India, New Delhi along with few officials of the government to complete the required paperwork for crossing continents to continents on her two-wheeler cycle.


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