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“Baba” Symbol For Rajni’s Political Party

Since his political debut, Rajinikanth has made three public appearances wherein he has set up the base for the launch of his party. No matter it is the Twitter video for his website launch, or his fan meets, a symbol namely the hand horn, is always present.

"Baba" Symbol For Rajni's Political Party

A zoomed view shows that the symbol is of a hand placed on a white lotus, with a snake around it.

Tamil audience had first seen it in the 2002 release ‘Baba’, directed and produced by Rajinikanth.

Baba refers to Mahavatar Babaji, of whom Rajinikanth is a follower.

As per Sruthakeerthi Mohan Ram, a yoga instructor, this gesture is known as Apana Mudra in Yoga, which represents detoxification. The white lotus stands for enlightenment and the snake is related to healing the world.

There is a speculation that the symbol is associated with “spiritual politics” that he referred on December 31.

Famous author of Gurus: Stories of India’s Leading Babas, Bhavdeep Kang, believes that Rajinikanth understands symbolism perfectly and is aiming at being a politician with a difference. Tamil Nadu politics is quite secular. He is trying to project himself as being above politics.

Here the question arises whether the symbol will have any impact on the voters of Tamil Nadu.

Political analyst Sampath Kumar addressed media stating that gestures and symbols have no importance anymore. He cited the RK Nagar by poll as the evidence and said that when MGR was allotted the two leaves symbol, no one knew of it. He was the one who popularized it. The story is all same for Rajinikanth. He would have to make this symbol popular. It is always the personality, which is more important than the symbol. As soon as Rajinikanth becomes a popular leader, the symbol will automatically become more important for everyone.

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