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India Has An Edge In Proposed The US Immigration Rules

While giving an insight to the latest US immigration rules, an official confirmed that the people who are skilled, can speak competent English, and are employed, will be accepted with open arms in the country.

India Has An Edge In Proposed The US Immigration Rules

This is what the merit system will look like after the implementation of the new rules. The individuals will be accepted from any corner of the world, provided they have the required skills. This policy will highly benefit the people from countries like India as most of the people fulfill all the criteria.

The immigration system of the US will be implemented to offer extreme benefits to the people residing in the country as well as take the advantages from the skilled professionals by giving them employment.

As per the senior administration official, the recent changes will introduce stupendous benefits than the existing system. People are keeping their hopes high regarding the latest changes and the pros anticipated.

The official also added that the people who are English spoken and are proficient enough to offer great services to the country will be allowed to continue with their employment. They must consider the welfare of the people of the US. These criteria were ignored during the current immigration program.

The Diversity Lottery Program or the Chain Migration will allow considering the aforementioned attributes of an individual, who will be allowed in the country. Any individual from any miscellaneous sector will be allowed to enter the periphery of the country with a scope of employment if he or she has the appropriate merit to prove the potential.

The US is also emphasizing on eliminating terrorism across the world. The people or the country that supports terrorism will not be offered any kind of support from the country and will not be allowed to enter the country irrespective of the talent of the person. The motto of the US is to eliminate terrorism in all forms regardless of the source.


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