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Pallavi Joshi Talks About ‘Pressure Cooker’, Relations And Change

In the new short film Pressure Cooker, set in the 1990s, when commodities had an emotional value attached to them, Heena D Souza had showed the awareness of the old and longing for the new comes to life of a middle-class Mumbai housewife together with the whistles from a steaming kitchen appliance. In 1990s, commodities had an emotive value attached to them. The film showed us how a lonely homemaker gets attracted to a unique pressure cooker as the symbolic face of an attractive young man. But, the question is that will she welcome this freshness in her routine life with or will she resort to making slight replacements to the old and continue to relish the familiar?

Pallavi Joshi Talks About ‘Pressure Cooker’, Relations And Change

Swati is being played by actor Pallavi Joshi. She is the wife of a disheartened husband. The beauty of the short film is that it is a simple plot narrated without any overindulgence or fake intellect. Pallavi said that there are many hidden layers in this film yet a very simple story. Moreover, the director has not tried to tell the audience from which angle one should follow and she did not try to play the intelligent card. She also shared that the film is narrated so simply that one can understand every little nuance in it.

For example, her character in the film comprehends that even though caught in the groove, the old will always be gold. Pallavi Joshi admits that the times have changed and for someone belonging to that era when everything was not a throwaway fashion. She also said that earlier in their time when she was a kid, the things and appliances used to run for a long time like a transistor, two in one set, TV set and now the relationships are like use and throw.

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