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The Travel Time Of Passengers Will Be Cut By 20% With 2 New Trains

The ICF (Integral Coach Factory) a “Chennai based Railways” are planning to roll out their first train which is specially designed to cut-down the time of travel by 20%, which will be one of its own kind with self-propelled and semi-high speed train set. It is said that there are two trains that are expected to be out by June 2018 while the first trains will have 16 air-conditioned coaches.

The Travel Time Of Passengers Will Be Cut By 20% With 2 New Trains

The first train is publicized as “Train 18” and will have world-class amenities like GPS based passenger info system, diffused LED lights with plush interiors and Wi-Fi onboard and infotainment. The “Train 18” is likely to replace the exclusive “Shatabdi Train”. The second train is coined as “Train 20” which is expected to be manufactured by 2020. Train 20 also has top-notch facilities and is likely to replace “Rajdhani Express”.

These trains are initiated to promote the “Make In India” mission by Integral Coach Factory. There is one difference between both the trains and that is “Train 18” will be manufactured with steel body and “Train 20” with an aluminum body. These trains which will be replaced with the age-old over-night trains will have a modern and classic look that includes automotive plug type sliding doors, continuous glass windows, zero discharge vacuum based bio-toilets and sliding footsteps that will automatically open and close at the stations.

S Mani the GM (General Manager) of ICF states that the first set of Train 18 will be out by this year June. It has top-class and modern amenities for the convenience of the passengers while traveling with a speed of 160kmph.

The Shatabdi and Rajdhani Express trains travel with a speed of 150kmph with regularly runs at a speed of 90kmph. Comparatively, the two new sets of trains will help the passengers to cut down the travel time by 3 hours and 35 minutes. The permissible speed was calculated and set at 130kmph while helping in reduction of travel time; it can be increased if the permissible speed increases by 160kmph.

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