Apple placed claim to the prospect of the smartphone with iPhone X, the 10th anniversary smartphone of the company, advertizing the smartphone as the upcoming generation of handset computing.

The iPhone X was one of the 3 new iPhone variants revealed at the first event at new spaceship campus of Apple, since the Cupertino-based tech major looked to spark new thrust in a worldwide smartphone market viewing tougher competition and slower growth. Tim Cook, Chief Executive of Apple, speaking at the inauguration event at the latest campus theater dubbed for late Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder, claimed that the latest flagship smartphone is a landmark for the firm a decade post the initial release of the iPhone.

“A decade later, it is making sense that we are here in this position, on this day to unveil an item that will set the road for tech for the subsequent decade,” Cook claimed, referring the iPhone X as the largest leap forward since the launch of the first iPhone.” The iPhone X has a 5.8-inch (14.7-centimeter) edge-to-edge Super Retina display that has enhanced resolution, and utilizes facial recognition to access the smartphone.

Apple increased the ante by elevating the starting cost of the new smartphone to $999 for the customers in the U.S. It will be accessible beginning from next month in over 50 markets. “I think it will have very sturdy demand to the high-end and Apple core market,” Ross Rubin, the industry analyst, claimed to the media regarding the iPhone X. Rubin thought that price subsidies and payment installment plans or promotions provided by carriers might indicate that the iPhone X will not be a big issue with hidden clauses for users for premium smartphones in the market.

Apple also revealed a new iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8, which provide more modest enhancements over their precursors and will trade later this month at starting costs of $799 and $699, respectively. All 3 new smartphones will be able to charge wirelessly and are modified for augmented reality with more influential cameras and processors. They also had memory space improved in a nod to the demand of modern day for storing heavy data such as video.

The revealing comes with Apple looking to re-imprison the magic of the original iPhone rolled out in 2007 as it grapples to uphold share in the market. Well, let us if the new handsets by the tech giant will be successful among users.