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26-Year-Old Dies After Being Severally Beaten In Allahabad, UP

The disturbing video of a man being beaten to death outside a hotel in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh that was recorded on a mobile phone has once again brought to light the ills of late night social drinking. The victim Dilip Saroj was being beaten with hockey sticks, pipe and bricks by several drunken men when a passerby briefly stopped and recorded the incident. The men are heard saying in the video that “police will come only after he is dead”.

26-Year-Old Dies After Being Severally Beaten In Allahabad, UP

The victim is a law student who slipped into coma and died by the next morning. The restaurant owner visible in a brown jacket in the video who was seen unsuccessfully trying to stop the man, later managed to take the victim to the nearest hospital on a motorcycle. One of the hotel employees was arrested after an FIR was lodged on the basis of a complaint made by Dilip’s brother.

According to Prakash Singh who was a witness to the events, Dilip, Prakash and few friends were chatting on the staircase leading to a restaurant on the first floor. That was when the drunken men abused them on their way to the restaurant. When Dilip and his friends followed them into the restaurant to confront them for their behavior, they were beaten with chairs and other furniture available there. It is unclear about why the restaurant waiter Munna Chauhan hit Dilip with an iron rod and then helped to take him to the hospital.

When the fight got rough most of Dilip’s friends managed to escape the melee and call for help but by then it was too late. The fight was captured by CCTV cameras inside the restaurant but according to the police only the main accused Vijay Shankar has been identified clearly and teams are out to arrest him.



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