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Dead Indian Techie’s Wife On Invitee List To Trump’s Speech

Sunanyana Dumala, the spouse of a software engineer from India who was killed in a hate crime episode in the United States, has been requested to attend the 1st State of the Union by President Donald Trump as a guest. The invitation was from Kevin Yoder, Kansas based Republican leader.

Dead Indian Techie’s Wife On Invitee List To Trump’s Speech

Yoder’s tweet says that he gets the privilege to invite one guest each year to be present at the annual message event. This year, he has invited the wife of the techie, Sunanyana Dumala. The man from Hyderabad was an Indian immigrant who unfortunately had to lose his life after being shot by criminals in a hate crime at Olathe last year.

The act was appreciated by the Indian–American community.

The Indian Association’s chairman in Kansas City, Mr. Brijpal Singh opined that this initiative will not just solidify Indian community but also demonstrate a powerful message regarding the support from chosen representatives toward the U.S. based Indian communities.

President Trump’s first speech will largely focus on immigration and trade as stated by the president himself.

Trump has been promoting “America first” strategy and policy to address various issues from immigration to trade to manufacturing.

The Press Secretary of White House, Sarah Sanders said that the theme of the speech is making a safe, powerful and confident America. She presented the guests details and assured that it is going to be a must-watch event on television.

Ms Sarah threw some lights on the guests stating some of them bag a heroic story, some are heartbreaking and others are patriotic. But every one of them stands for the unbreakable spirit of America and will encourage the U.S.A. to keep on growing prouder, stronger and more affluent,

Numerous Democratic lawmakers are not willing to be present at the address in order to show their protest against Trump over his ill remark on a few African countries. However, the president denied calling El Salvador, Haiti and African counties “shithole”.

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