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Amazon Reportedly Paid $90 Million For Blink In A Recent Deal

Amazon enters another big shot contract with the deal for Blink. The company has paid 90 million dollars, which is around 580crore rupees to get the rights for owning the Blink, which is a home security camera system. The e-commerce giant is heard to have participated in a bid which took place last year to get the rites of this startup company; Amazon was basically interested in the high end, energy saving chips which were being manufactured by the makers of Blink.

Amazon Reportedly Paid $90 Million For Blink In A Recent Deal

This has been a very rational and cost effective deal for Amazon as per the financial analysts. Amazon is just not targeting the camera market with this deal but also aiming to use the advanced chips in upgrading the Amazon Cloud Cam. The company might also use these chips to enhance the volume and quality of sound of the Echo Speakers; these announcements were made by one of the spokesperson from the brand.

The spokesperson also informed that Amazon is trying to increase its quantity and quality of in house products. This step is believed to improve the relationship of the customers with Amazon. The Cloud Cam and Echo Speaker series from Amazon is at present is in need of a plugged in power source. Blink claims that with just a couple of AA lithium batteries the cameras can continue working for as long as two years. This feature can resolve the power issue of the above mentioned Amazon products.

Though the spokesperson informed in brief about the features and prospects of Blink under the tag of Amazon, there was no information provided regarding the terms and conditions of the deal.

This take over is yet to make much news and analysts believe that this high end technology will also be used to enable a smart key and surveillance system at homes; this will let the Amazon delivery personnel to slip the packages into the houses when the customers are away.

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