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Amit Shah Says Remove “Lal Bhai” At a Rally in Tripura

Amit Shah, the BJP President was engaged in heavy party propaganda during the several rallies and road shows organized in the state of Tripura in view of its forthcoming assembly elections on next Sunday. Amit Shah stated that his party stood for transformation and development. He urged the people to oust the ‘Lal Bhai’ government and support the ‘Chalo Paltai’ slogan of the BJP party. He revealed that the existing Left government had done nothing for the development of the state and its MLAs had pocketed the huge developmental aid received from the Centre for the state.

Amit Shah Says Remove “Lal Bhai” At a Rally in Tripura

He quoted figures of development monies allotted under the 13th and 14th Finance Commission as being Rs 7,283 crore and Rs 25,396 crore respectively and questioned the utilization of the extra amount of about Rs 18,000 crore received this year.

With the Congress no longer remaining the major opposition party it was not long before the BJP came to power. The current government rule had not improved the status of the poor and there was a tremendous rise in poverty and unemployment during the 25 years of its rule in the state; according to him.

On coming to power, Amit Shah guaranteed immediate application of seventh pay commission for employees of government offices, disciplinary proceedings against accused in chit fund scam and also smartphones for the young voters. He assured that the BJP government would nurture the cultural heritage and tribal values of the state and take every effort to increase employment.

Among the 60 Assembly seats, the BJP will contest 51 seats and its associate party, Indigenous Peoples Front of Tripura, will contest 9 seats. He quashed the rumor of Tripura’s division taking place and stated that Tripura would remain a single state. He called upon the people of the state to follow PM Narendra Modi and participate in his programs for development.

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