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71 including 6 Crew Members Die In Plane Crash in Moscow

Yet another fatal plane crash killed 71 people outside Moscow. A Russian aircraft with 71 passengers took off from Domodedovo and was going to Orsk. It crashed in the outskirts, near Ramensky district. As per the reports, 6 crewmembers and 65 passengers are all dead.

71 including 6 Crew Members Die In Plane Crash in Moscow

The villagers of Argunovo witnessed the burning passenger craft falling from the height.

Dmitry Peskov, spokesperson on behalf of Vladimir Putin’s expressed deepest condolences to the families of the dead.

State TV channel broadcasted the video of the crash, where parts of ruins were falling in the snow.

The plane that crashed was 7 years old and was purchased by Saratov Airlines around a year ago from another Russia-based airline.

Crash site was hard to reach

Russian media stated that emergency service was hard to reach near the crash site and rescue workers have to walk on foot to reach the spot. Around 150 workers were assigned to do the needful, as per emergency service.

The transport minister of Russia said that a number of crashes are occurring, some due to bad weather and others due to human fault.

An investigation will take place on Saratov Airlines after the crash. The airline was originated in 1930s and operates in 35 cities of Russia.

Orsk’s mayor, Andrei Odintsov told reporters that 4 ambulances and 6 psychologists with chemists are working with the families of accident victims in the airport.

Quite a number of plane crashes have shaken Russia’s air transport. The reason behind such fatal crashes is the poor condition of the aircrafts.

An aircraft, weighing not much, crashed in the Far East region of Russia in November, in which 6 passengers were killed.

In December 2016, a military airplane with official army choir of the Russian armed forces crashed, which led to the death of 92 people. The mistake of the pilot caused this accident. In March 2016, a FlyDubai jet killed 62 passengers after it crashed due to bad weather.

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