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2 Flights Avert Collision Just By 100 Feet In Mid Air

Air passengers saved from another deadly accident mid-air when Vistara airplane came closer to an Air India plane. The mid-air collision was somehow averted. The ministry of civil aviation’s AAIB will launch an investigation.

2 Flights Avert Collision Just By 100 Feet In Mid Air

On February 7, 2018, UK997, Vistara airplane, going to Pune from Delhi, carrying 152 passengers, was only at a distance of 100 feet from AI631, Air India plane which was going to Bhopal carrying 109 passengers.

The captain of AI631 made a report in which it is clear that the Vistara aircraft was just 100 feet away from AI631, after which the plane was instantly directed to a safe distance.

The collision was prevented after an auto warning alerted both the pilots of Air India and Vistara.

According to Air India’s senior office, the commander of AI631 aircraft acted promptly and took the plane to a distance that is safe.

Vistara flight’s two pilot have been detained, investigations are pending, whereas the pilots of Air India are given green signal by AAIB because they were not at fault.

Vistara confirmed that both its pilot have been undergrounded and off duty now.

A traffic collision avoidance system is equipment in the plane that gives warning to the pilot when there is traffic near the aircraft and also gives advice on what they should do to preserve the safe distance.

The officer from Air India commented that their plane was following the instructions of the traffic control (ATC). The confusion wasn’t from their end. Something went wrong with the pilots of Vistara as they didn’t follow the instructions ATC was giving. There was some sort of disagreement between them.

The UK997 kept descending. So, at last when Air India’s pilot checked the warning, she immediately took corrective measures and diverted the aircraft from the point of collision. The official also said that the Air India pilot has not been found guilty.


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