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CID In WB Issues Arrest Warrant For Ex IPS On Charges Of Extortion

An arrest warrant has been issued by CID of West Bengal against Bharati Ghosh, the ex-district police chief of West Midnapore, on charges of extortion and criminal conspiracy. The investigation agency stated that arrest warrants have been sent out against Ghosh and her Sujit Mondal who was one of her security personnel. Teams have also been sent out of state to arrest other members of her team that were accused in the extortion bids with her.

CID In WB Issues Arrest Warrant For Ex IPS On Charges Of Extortion

Already two police officers of her team—Subhankar De and Chitta Pal that were involved in an extortion case in West Midnapur’s Daspur area have been arrested. Both these officers were in charge of Ghatal police station when the extortion was being done. Searches conducted by CID sleuths at residences of several police officers including that of Bharati Ghosh and her relatives has unearthed large sums of unaccounted cash, gold and important documents.

A court order had been issued after a case was lodged in Daspur by Chandan Majhi, a gold trader who had complained about harassment by officers close to SP Ghosh that led to several raids. Officer Ghosh was earlier a close favorite of present West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee, but some differences arose between them that led to the officer’s transfer to a non-lucrative post. Ms. Ghosh requested for voluntary retirement after she was transferred in December 2017 as commandant of Third Battalion at State Armed Police. After her request was accepted she took leave from active service.

The agency stated that both Ghosh and Mondol are on the run but will be arrested as soon as they are spotted. The arrest warrant against Ms. Ghosh was issued after she failed to make an appearance before the investigating officer and neither sent any reply as requested by the CID.


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