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Rahul Is My Boss Says Sonia Gandhi As He Holds The Party Reins

Sonia Gandhi addressed the Congress Parliamentarians and said that Rahul Gandhi happens to be her boss as well and there is no doubt in it. She addressed the people for the first time after Rahul became the president of the party in December.

Rahul Is My Boss Says Sonia Gandhi As He Holds The Party Reins

She mentioned clearly that, though Rahul is the leader of the party, she will be taking a firm lead in the rallies against the ruling party for the forthcoming national elections.

She holds the position of a Chairperson in the Congress Parliamentary Party and expressed that she will be working in conjugation with the president of Congress along with other members of the party. They will discuss the possibilities of the prospect of the elections and will ensure that the flag of victory is hoisted by the Congressmen. With the victory, the country will again restore its path of progress in secularism and enhanced economy.

She requested the members of the party to prepare themselves for the national election, which is to be held only after a year. However, she is hopeful that like 2004, this time also the election might happen before its scheduled date.

Sonia Gandhi has been on the chair of President for 19 years, before handing it over to Rahul Gandhi.

She described the present scenario of the country and said that since the advent of the new government, the people of India are going through a phase of disillusionment. Therefore, she feels that it will be the responsibility of the party to channelize the discontent and convert it into support. She further added that after the Gujarat and Rajasthan polls, it has become evident that the wind is blowing in a different direction. She is also hopeful with the elections in Karnataka.

She even stated that the present government commits more and delivers less. It is for us to see what is in store for the citizens of India.

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