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Reliance Jio Is The New Emperor Of The Feature Phone Segment In India

Reliance JioPhone reached a new mark in the quarter four on this fiscal, rising as the dominator of the market in the segment of feature phone with 27% share, chased by Samsung at 14% share, a fresh report claimed this week. The market of feature phone saw a 36% chronological development in the quarter four and a development of 62% as compared to the previous year in the nation.

Reliance Jio Is The New Emperor Of The Feature Phone Segment In India

“JioPhone was major growth booster for the quarter four this fiscal. Its shipments increased over 5x. This new trend resulted in increment in share of the market for feature handsets. With domestically-made JioPhones banging the market in upcoming quarters, the merchant is anticipated to give an enhanced performance,” analyst at CMR-IIG (Industry Intelligence Group), Narinder Kumar, claimed to the media in an interview.

With 30 Million units exported, the handset market posted a 19% chronological drop in quarter four. In smartphones, Xiaomi surfaced up as the dominator in market with 25% share of the market, chased by Samsung with 23% share in the market. “We are anticipating seeing a revitalization in the online planning of Samsung in addition to an improved aim on enterprise commerce this year,” Kumar claimed.

As per India Monthly Mobile Handset Market Review report by CMR, mobile smartphone merchants exported 88 Million mobile smartphone units in the quarter four. For the complete year, mobile smartphone merchants exported almost 287 Million units of mobile handset in the country. Samsung stayed the overall dominator with 21% share in the market for 2017, followed by Xiaomi and iTel with 9% share of the market each.

“Conventionally, December is a period of inclination. On the other hand, the quarter four on this fiscal missed this trend. From the horns of demonetization at the starting of 2017, the market of mobile handset in India crossed a new historic milestone in quarter four of this fiscal,” claimed Head-IIG-CMR, Prabhu Ram, to the media.

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