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HC Pulls CBI On Their Failure To Protect Witnesses In Sohrabuddin Case

After one day when the High Court in Mumbai blamed CBI for its incapability to safeguard the trial witnesses during the prosecution in the fake encounter incident of Tulsiram Prajapati and Sohrabuddin Sheikh, the CBI said to the court that the witnesses hadn’t come up to the agency to ask for protection at any point of time.

HC Pulls CBI On Their Failure To Protect Witnesses In Sohrabuddin Case

Revati Mohite Dere, single judge, questioned the weightiness with which the trial is being conducted by CBI. This remark by high court is indicating towards the 30 witnesses who turned hostile at the time of the trial till now.

The court observed in the last hearing and said that just filing a charge sheet and leaving is not what is expected from CBI. It is the agency’s task to offer protection.  The CBI’s attitude was questioned by the court and asked for the measures that CBI takes when witnesses are turning hostile. It asked whether the witnesses should be charged for the criminal offence perjury as they gave false proof.

At present, the Bombay High Court is hearing an appeal filed by Rubabuddin Sheikh, Sohrabuddin’s brother on August 8, 2017 demanding the expulsion of higher-ranking police officers, the accused. The CBI had expelled D G Vanzara, an official from Gujarat and Rajasthan’s M N Dinesh, the accused in the case. CBI also demanded the expulsion of D. Singh Rathod, the officer and Dr. N. Amin.

Sohrabuddin was a local hooliganas per the Gujarat police. While moving with Kausarbi, his wife and adviser Tulsiram Prajapati in the month of November 2005 were purportedly kidnapped by some policemen connected to the Anti-Terrorism squadron of Gujarat and a team of Rajasthan’s STF.

The couple was held in custody near Gandhinagar. After two days, Sheikh was found dead in a fake encounter. Tulsiram and Kausarbi were also killed. Later the Supreme Court transferred the case to Mumbai.

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