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Modi Phobia For Kejriwal? Why His Tweets Are Minus “Modi”

Arvind Kejriwal has stopped his incessant attacks through his tweets pointing the Prime Minister since last year.

He has now completed a term of 3 years as the Chief Minister of Delhi. The last time he tweeted anything regarding his political rival Narendra Modi was March 9, 2017. He is followed by 13 million on Twitter and there are records of him mentioning Modi in one or the other way for over 124 times in 2016 and about 33 times in 2017 after which he has stopped such tweets. He has not even tagged Modi in these 2 years while he did that for over 8 times in 2016.

Modi Phobia For Kejriwal? Why His Tweets Are Minus “Modi”

He did not remark on Modi even when 20 AAP MLAs were disqualified by the order of Central Government. Political analysts and leaders of the party are believing that this is more of a strategic step rather than just being quiet.

Last year’s disastrous performance of AAP in the elections of Delhi Municipal Corporation in which they secured only 48 seats while the BJP won by bagging 181 seats resulted in this consideration. It came as a setback for AAP who had secured 67 seats of the total 70 seats in Assembly elections of Delhi in 2015. It is already quite evident that AAP has lost the support of the middle class. One of the AAP leaders said that criticizing Modi government was of no use to the party and so they considered in concentrating on their governance.

Praveen Rai, a political analyst said that Kejriwal is turning into a leader and occasionally a politician. Such harsh accuses on Modi government have stopped because of AAP’s failure in the elections of Goa and Punjab and then losing the Delhi Municipal elections followed by the loss in the by-election of Rajouri Garden.

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