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Bias Against Religion Not Allowed Says Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has passed a jurisdiction stating the courts that just because a person belongs to another religion does not give anyone any rights to annihilate people who do not hold same religious beliefs and so they have to be wary before passing any judgments on such cases.

Bias Against Religion Not Allowed Says Supreme Court

As India is a secular nation, all the courts should assert to protect the rights of people belonging to different religious groups and the crimes based on communal grounds should be punishable.

The Bombay High Court upheld its judgment in a murder case in which the person was killed because he was of different religion, so the SC dropped the bail granted to the 3 men who were accused of this crime. The man who was murdered was a Muslim and this became the cause of his killing after the 3 men were aggravated due to religious bias. There was no other purpose for such a crime, nothing personal at all except the religion of the victim.

The HC had cleared the accused on the basis that there was no other reason for the murder and when a kin of the late victim questioned the bail on such grounds, the SC could not bring together the reason cited by HC.

The SC countered that such reasons cannot justify any crime and it is possible that the HC might have excluded this to highlight that no other reason than religion was responsible to incite the murder.

The SC has set apart the bail order by HC and has ordered the accused who are members of Hindu Rashtra Sena to yield and ask for bail again. They are to present themselves in the High court and ask for bail again on February 16, 2018, and the decision will be out in 6 weeks.

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