Over 2 Years after rolling out the Apple Watch, Apple Inc. has lastly been capable of replicating comic strip technology of 1940s, an improvement that experts claim will increase the sales.

The Apple Watch Series 3, rolled out this week along with the much-expected iPhone X, sports connectivity with wireless LTE. That means users will be capable of sending text messages or making phone calls from the watch without the requirement to have an iPhone close by, as they do with previous models. The capability of making calls with a smartwatch has imprisoned the imagination of tech fans at least as it was highly showcased in “Dick Tracy,” the comic about a personal detective who, beginning in 1946, took calls to assist bust bad guys from his wrist.

“This has been our dream from the starting,” Jeff Williams, the Chief Operating Officer, claimed to the media at the launch event. “Now you can still be connected and can go for a run with just your watch. It is really nice to be aware that you can be reached if required.” To be certain, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has traded smart watches with connectivity of mobile data from 2014, but the first gadgets gone through poor battery life since the data connection used additional power and were bulky. They also need an individual phone number.

Apple says that its new Series 3, however, will have almost 18 Hours of battery life and is merely a part of a millimeter in thickness than its earlier Series 2. And it will have the similar phone number as the user’s iPhone, which is still needed. Apple claimed that all 4 major carriers of the U.S. will provide service for the watch, and T-Mobile US Inc. and AT&T Inc. both claimed it might cost an additional $10 each month. Experts generally think that the latest connectivity might power sales.

For a price of $399, the new Watch is just slightly costlier than the earlier model, the Series 2 with a price of $329, which rolled out standalone GPS ability. That extra $70 buys much more helpful abilities, comprising the capability of streaming music from Apple Music. “The 3rd time is the charisma for the watch,” claimed Bob O’Donnell, the industry analyst, to the media. What may hold some users back is the recurring charge that must be paid every month, which might far go beyond the extra price of the Series 3 over earlier watches over time, claimed an Apple analyst, Brian Blau.