According to Robert Lustig, sugar is a gateway drug. There are a number of people who are obsessed with sugary foods since their childhood and are struggling to get over their addiction. Once the love for sugary products is developed in the taste buds then it is very difficult to stop the cravings or the brain from building up the tolerance level in the body. It is something like getting addicted to cocaine. Is sugar dangerous or safe? The answer is getting confusing as years pass by.

Lustig, a paediatric endocrinologist, is currently leaving no stones unturned in criticizing the sugar. He has punched the right points without any hesitation in front of his patients. According to him, sugar is a villainous character that is playing an important role in deteriorating the public health. The pleasure the society seeks in consuming sugar and then taking in medication is what he is trying to find answers for.

Fructose and glucose are the sugars that combine to form table sugar in the fruits. These sugars are broken down differently by our body and the presence of much of glucose in the body leads to fat accumulation. Similarly, the excess of fructose can turn out to be deadly, that is liver fat, in the body. The level of fructose accumulation is currently leading to obese problems in kids, hormone disorders, and stunt growth as well. Kids in large numbers are coming under the wraps of the effects of sugary products.

Being fat is what the people addicted to sweet foods have to deal with. Nowadays, the children have entered the obese category and are dealing with liver fat accumulation, insulin resistance, and an increased risk of diabetes or heart diseases. Thus, the medical professionals along with the researchers specializing in mouthwatering sugar content effects are taking a step forward to educate the people and create awareness regarding the bad influence of too much sweet in one’s life.

Sugar does not only harm the body by adding on calories but also bringing in metabolic syndrome. In short, the sugar is a poison the people are consuming that causes death slowly. Lustig basically wants to let all the people across the globe know the challenges of over-consuming sugar. He has books such as “The Hacking of the American Mind: The science behind the corporate takeover of our bodies and our minds, Fat Chance, and others” introduced for emphasizing the sugars role in modern society.

Thus, it is our duty to save the next generation from the vicious effects of sugar in the coming years.