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Prakash Raj Keeps Mum After The Video Of MLA Haris’ Son Go Viral

After the infamous video of Congress MLA NA Haris’ son went viral where he is seen beating a youth at an upscale restaurant, his friends like famous actor Prakash Raj has gone silent. NA Haris is Karnataka’s MLA from congress party whose son Mohammad Nalapad was captured in a viral video by guests at an upmarket city restaurant beating up a guy. Actor Prakash Raj who has always been very vocal in criticizing actions and policies of PM Modi and his BJP party had nothing to say after a video showing him praising Mohammad Nalapad as a “very good boy” at a public meeting surfaced on the internet.

Prakash Raj Keeps Mum After The Video Of MLA Haris’ Son Go Viral

There has been nationwide outrage after Prakash Raj’s video surfaced following the attack by Nalapad and the media furor that followed the event. The video shows Prakash Raj who is both an actor and an activist, praising Mohammad Nalapad at a public function as a good boy who has been bought up with good values by his father. He also had thanked the latter for contributing money this NGO that makes houses for rural poor. The actor’s critics were quick in taking the matter to social media and “exposing the actor’s links with Nalapad”.

Though Prakash Raj replied to the tweet by condemning the incident and demanding strict action against Nalapad, it did not end the barrage of posts on Facebook and Twitter asking him to make a public apology for his appreciation of Nalapad and returning the money he donated to Raj’s NGO. Several more videos and pictures have emerged on social media showing the actor socializing with Nalapad’s family. Though there have been visits to the state by BJP stalwarts Amit Shah and MP Modi in which they vocally attacked the congress party, the usually vocal Prakash Raj has chosen to keep quite instead of reacting on social media.



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