Serena Williams, the 36-year-old tennis star, explained the story of giving birth to her daughter, Olympia. She initiated the story by telling that she almost died in the process of childbirth, in last September.

She had been very vocal about her physiological complications which led to the near fatal condition. However, now she came up with a detailed version and shared her experience in order to inspire the essentiality of the cost-effective child care.

Tennis Star Serena Narrates Her Story On Child Birth, Complications

She was even bedridden for 6 weeks at a stretch due to a plethora of complications happened during the childbirth. One of the complications is a pulmonary embolism, which was the reason behind the numerous surgeries. Even Olympia was delivered through an emergency C-Section.

She congratulated the team of the medical practitioners for accomplishing such a complicated activity in a seamless manner. She also expressed her heartfelt gratitude towards them for giving her a new life. The equipment, nurses, and the doctors were praised wholeheartedly by her.

Since she was entwined with highly complicated medical conditions, it was a challenging situation for the doctors to retrieve her good health. However, the medical team was proficient enough to understand her crucial state and took the decision accordingly to save her from the grave condition.

She also mentioned that the wound of caesarian section popped open because of the acute coughing caused due to the embolism.

She underwent a surgery during which the doctors found a huge hematoma in the abdomen. After the detection, she was again sent back to the operation theatre to accomplish the necessary activities. This surgery was done to resist the transportation of clots to the lungs.

She opened up her side of story to encourage others to do more charity that will help the newborns and mothers survive the critical situation.

She even returned to her game and played Fed Cup doubles match on behalf of the United States.