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Balloon Filled With Semen Thrown At DU Student

Hooligans go hand in hand with Holi. An incident which took place recently in Delhi supports this statement. A student of Delhi University College has shared an incident that happened to her recently on social media stating that a group of anonymous men had thrown balloons filled with semen on her. The matter has reached the police and they are trying to find out the girl who claimed this so that investigation on this matter can be started soon.

Balloon Filled With Semen Thrown At DU Student

The police stated that no formal complaint has been filed yet regarding this event. The girl has posted on Instagram on February 24, 2018, that she was out for lunch with her friend in Amar Colony Market in a café and while she was returning back and was on her way to take an auto, a balloon filled with liquid hit her in the hip and drenched her clothes.

She did not know the content of the balloon and came to know about the semen-filled balloon while talking to her hostel friend. She further wrote that no one in the market filled with people laid an eye on the men who were responsible for this act.

The girl belongs to Northeast. She stated that she been in Delhi for 7 months now and there have been several incidents of men touching her and tagging it as an accidental touch. Sometimes she had been stroked inappropriately. She has suffered because many times she has been called out names that are derogatory.

Owing to this incident and Holi approaching soon, the Delhi University has declared that there will be strict security in the interior and exterior regions of the campus of colleges and hostels to prevent any such incidents and keep in check the people doing such damages in the name of Holi celebrations.

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