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New Low-Priced Service “Hurry Hurry” Tested in Nairobi for Errands By Uber

A new service is been tested in Nairobi by Uber that was motivated by the platform’s use by the residents for chores and intends to get into a new segment of the dynamic ride-hailing market of the city, as stated by a regional executive. Along with the safari 4x4s, minibusses, Ubers, and taxis on the roads of the capital of Kenya, boxy, small Suzuki Altos are appearing. They are inscribed with stickers mentioning “Uber Chap Chap,” and a catchphrase in Kiswahili that deciphers as “Arrive Faster, Save Money.”

New Low-Priced Service “Hurry Hurry” Tested in Nairobi for Errands By Uber

That service is just why Brian Mwirigi, a 24-year-old lawyer, stated he opted the new option “Chap Chap” on his Uber application in the previous week when he saw that his short tour to convey documents to a customer would cost KES 100, which is less than the regular “uberX.” He further added that he plans to use Chap Chap for tours in nearby neighborhoods and downtown where it is accessible during the trial.

Nairobians such as Mwirigi, who seeks for a good deal when booking a cab on his device and will shop around, are among the targets of this new service, as said by Loic Amado, East Africa general manager of Uber. He said, “It is about offering people alternatives. Kenyans, in particular, are very open to acclimatizing to new developments and are extremely innovative in using Uber for diverse things.”

The test period started 3 Weeks ago. Over 200 Altos have come on the roads. In sub-Saharan Africa, Kenya is a second biggest market, following South Africa, of Uber. It battles against its worldwide opponent Taxify that have obtained recognition in Nairobi in the last year but doesn’t reveal the digit of active users and riders.

In Africa, Nairobi is the foremost city in which Uber has directed the quick-trip, low-priced alternative using tiny, brand-new automobiles. He said if the positive response is persistent, Uber will think about launching Chap Chap throughout Nairobi and in the capitals of neighboring Tanzania and Uganda.

Uber aligned with a local Suzuki trader that traded in 300 cars. Stanbic, a Kenyan bank, set the funding so drivers with elevated ratings can go for the new service and have their Alto in 3 Years. The firm observed that individuals were making use of Uber for chores, such as sending parcels from office to other places. However, the new service won’t be suitable for all, comprising middle-class Kenyans who perceive their car as an element of their personal style.

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