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Google Pay Substitutes Google Wallet, Android Pay As New Payments Platform

Finally, Google Pay—the sole payments interface that unites Google Wallet and Android pay—has been released by Google. The announcement was made this year in January by the search giant. An update will be released for the application by Google while bringing features and a new layout for the unified payments service. Also, it is rolling out a revamped Google Wallet application, which will now be dubbed as Google Pay Send.

Google Pay Substitutes Google Wallet, Android Pay As New Payments Platform

In a blog post, the firm stated that the release of the Google Pay application has initiated already. The website is also updated by Google with the most up-to-date features. Also, 4 YouTube videos have been released to elucidate how to function with the new application, comprising how to shell out in stores, how your data remains protected, and how to include & authenticate a card. Until now, the functionality of the application stays mostly unaltered.

The interface of the Google Pay app has 2 tabs—Cards and Home. The Google Pay app, according to the pictures on the Google Play store, displays recent payment activity, stores available close by and offers, and a card-style interface that consists of a credit, debit, and other cards of the user.

Google, with the new branding, is actually seeking to rationalize processes, much like Samsung and Apple are trying with their respective Samsung Pay and Apple Pay platforms. The search giant seems to have big goals with the new application, as it has asserted that service will come to all Google products, comprising Assistant and Chrome.

Resembling Android Pay, the users will be enabled to utilize payment data hoarded in the app on a broad array of websites and apps when using the Chrome browser or an Android smartphone. To remind, Android Pay was rolled out back in 2015 as a means to make payments at shops but quickly extended to get in-app purchase backing and incorporation with mobile banking applications.

As stated previously, the Google Wallet application is being rebranded as Google Pay send by the search giant and has also upgraded the layout to be at the level of the rest of the Google Pay. Nevertheless, it might only be a provisional feature prior to the complete version of the application is rolled out. Taking into consideration the release, the populace in the United Kingdom and the United States will be able to make use of the application for receiving and sending money within the subsequent few months.

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