Automotive safety systems maker Autoliv and seating supplier Adient are now collaborating to acknowledge the seating challenge that is supposed to be assembled in the future car and deployed of autonomous driving.

In the coming future post deployment of automated cars, the interiors of the cars will play a significant role as the majority of the travel time will be used to do other activities excluding non-driving task. Once the vehicles will be geared up to be fully operated with computer-driven mechanism, there is a high probability that the need of advanced cars’ interior will be on a large scale, resulting diverse seating postures to relax. By thinking ahead of regular forward-facing seats, both the players target to develop most advantageous integrated products and solutions to work out on the challenges.

In the same phase of development, totally novel comfort and safety challenges come up with this opportunities. In terms of automated vehicles, buckles, seatbelts, and pre-tensioners tend to be restraints respective to the occurrence of the accidents. The alliance of both the players will be primarily focused on the integration of safety components of Autoliv and advance seating system for the future car. They will also work on the enhancement of current seat-mounted airbag systems. The estimated offering date for the customer might be in second half of 2018.

The further plans comprise the development of exceedingly incorporated solution of convenience, comfort, and safety for futuristic mobility. Both the organizations are interested in scrutinizing the potential value in tapping the nonautomotive applications, in the case of keeping the people safe and secure no matter wherever and however they commute.

Chairman and CEO Adient, R Bruce McDonald said, “This is an immensely stimulating occasion for the automotive sector, with mobility on the edge of an essential distraction. With our top-notch capabilities and technologies, we are geared up to present the future generation of highly developed vehicle seating systems.

He also added that functioning with Autoliv defines the merging of two strengths of two leading entities to enhance the safety, convenience, and comfort of future-based autonomous vehicle’s interior.

The President of Autoliv Passive Safety, Mikael Bratt said, “Our Intention is to deliver the pioneering technology and superior quality products to save more lives. Using our worldwide engineering resources to strengthen inhabitant safety is our top and functioning with Adient offers the definitive package advancement to bestow customer’s assurance and added a guarantee that their vehicle is outfitted with a sophisticated interior protection system.”