Supreme Court’s Black & White World Or Verdicts Has Been Infused With Colors By 10-Year-Old

Supreme Court, the black & white world of justice that prolonged for 68 long years has been infused with an introduction of gratitude, handmade card by a 10 year old for settling his parent’s long dispute (matrimonial).

Supreme Court’s Black & White World Or Verdicts Has Been Infused With Colors By 10-Year-Old

The magistrates never look forward for any appreciation or expression of gratitude or anything from the litigants or anyone else. Their effort is to pass verdict that helps to untangle matrimonial fights for which in return they expect no rewards but to resolve the matter peacefully.

The constitutional bench of Justice M Shantanagoudar and Justice Kurian Joseph had accepted the card of innocent boy who was innocent and honest to express his gratitude in the form of a card rather than any gifts. The boy was happily that the 7 year long dispute between his mother and father has been resolved even if the verdict didn’t help them to get back to each other.

The couple after their marriage in the year 1997 had 2 children, one of which is a boy and a girl of 20 year old. Since 2011, as the couple started living separately, the dispute in their marriage started growing. The constitutional bench came to a conclusion and stated that the couple is involved in varied litigation like criminal and civil both. Currently the trial court has total pending cases of nearly 23, before the consumer forum, Supreme Court and High Court.

The initial attempts to resolve the trouble of their marriage was done by Justice Lisa Gill from the High Court of Haryana & Punjab which was later carried forward by Meenakshi Arora, the senior advocated and amicus curiae appointed by the Supreme Court. The both appointed by the Supreme Court were appreciated, regardless of the fact that the couple didn’t stay together. The constitutional bench of Justices had to finally call the couple to their chamber.

However, the constitutional bench couldn’t succeed in saving their marriage but later decided that both of their interest was in mutually parting-off their ways. The Supreme Court further decided to dissolve their marriage and help them avoid the long queue out the Family Court.