Online education is a newly followed trend so that the students and the individuals willing to continue their education achieve their goals easily via the Internet. The Internet is helping provide a number of platforms or services to the learners present all across the globe. Distance learning or online education is a milestone an individual has to complete just like any other normal courses but while sitting at home.

The researchers Yakut Gazi and Shabana Figueroa from the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Professional Education have developed a design approach for the institute’s second online master’s degree program. The online degree program has been built for improvising the student user experience. The efficient design approach has been designed by using the help of studio and instructional design teams. The team worked together for creating the course content, teaching patterns, and personal class session details. After almost the completion of the content required, the researchers have decided on commencing its production.

The most vital task is to meet the students’ needs, prove compatible with edX hosting platform, new logistics, include technology to hold proctored exams, and also create different versions of the courses. The project is currently all set to burn the floor by overruling all the challenges. The new approach is surely going to help the online learning programs attract a number of students. This alternative credential is surely going to outdo the traditional college trends.

The students with financial issues, fulltime work, only bread earner for the family, and others are the ones mainly enrolling in the online education program for completing their specific diploma or courses. The various institutes are now in the race of providing the students the best of the courses at a feasible price. Thus, the researchers have designed an online education platform that may serve as an inspiration for the other colleges as well. The concept of achieving an online degree is all being made easier and quicker for the students by the faculty. Georgia Tech’s design strategy is something the faculty and other teams have together created by noting the important content and instructional design that will fit the students and the teachers.

The Georgia Institute of Technology’s Professional Education basically believes in enhancing its students’ skills whether taking admission through the usual procedure or the online means. The institute wants to reach out to all the students in desperate need for education. The new online education approach is surely going to prove to be a game changer in the education system in the coming years.