Currently, the technology is being used for making the job better than before. The videos based on health and medical manuals are being used for a while now. Thus, a group of researchers has decided on using an algorithm to help people deal with knee or back pain. With the help of sensors and the built-in algorithm, they can automatically detect when an individual is going to injure his or her back. The sensors are going to be placed at the bottom of the shoe for easing the whole lifting process.

The reason for pain following the lifting of heavy objects is basically due to the adoption of bad posture. Thus, the lead researcher Eva Barkallah and her colleagues from the University of Quebec, Canada, have created a pair of wearable sensors that can automatically detect when an individual isn’t using the right posture while carrying the heavy object. The idea behind this creation was to find out a preventive measure for reducing the occurrence of work-related injuries.

The pressure sensors have been designed such that they can measure the weight distributed and also the accelerometer helps track the movements made. The posture problems can be easily identified using the sensors and be corrected as soon as possible. The researchers basically want to help the people improvise their lifting postures. The sensor data collected will be put through a deep learning algorithm so that the system can be trained to differentiate between the right and wrong posture. The addition of a button that vibrates on using a wrong posture is currently being planned to be added.

The idea of using a camera to track the person’s way of lifting heavy objects may seem a simple and easy task to do so. But, it is something that is highly impossible when it comes to millions of people. Though the sensor may look good in terms of work, it has to be proved. Thus, the researchers are planning to test it on a group of people before publicizing it. The new technology will have to compete with some of the best consumer devices that are currently ruling the market. However, this seems to be the first of its kind that can easily fit into a wearable and help the people monitor their health.

The laborers working at the airports, railways, or factories can benefit a lot from this kind of system. Thus, the technology seems to be reaching out its hand at things that were long seen to be impossible.