You might have been playing around after updating to the new iOS 11 of Apple with the new Control Center. When not using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, turning them off is a common sense. And turning them off is as simple as toggling their respective sliders “Off.” However, this is not exactly what the Control center might be doing. Sounds weird? Let’s have a glance what actually the issue is.

According to the documentation Of Apple, “In iOS 11 and advanced, in Control Center, when you toggle the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi buttons, your device will disconnect immediately from Bluetooth & Wi-Fi accessories. However, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi will remain accessible.”

The company says this will enable the users to use “important features” such as AirPlay, Apple Watch, AirDrop, The Apple Pencil, Location Services, and Continuity features such as Instant Hotspot & Handoff. The device of the user will get disconnected from its present Wi-Fi network on flipping the Wi-Fi toggle. Nevertheless, the Wi-Fi radio will stay active. It will not connect Wi-Fi networks automatically unless the user goes to a new place, the local time is 5 AM, or the device is restarted. It can also be re-enabled if the user opts to connect to Wi-Fi through Settings or again flip “On” the Wi-Fi toggle.

Similarly, if the user flips “Off” the Bluetooth toggle, the Bluetooth hardware radio will stay active. The iPad or iPhone will stay connected to any Apple Pencil devices or Apple Watch and features such as AirPlay, Instant Hotspot, and AirDrop will too remain functional. However, other Bluetooth devices, such as headphones & hardware keyboards, will be disconnected from it. The Bluetooth will be re-enabled when the local time is 5 AM or on restarting the device and even from the Settings.

However, you can still completely disable the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. All you need to do is through the Settings app. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi will be completely disabled—if disabled from Settings—unless the user re-enables them again. However, it will shut down the hardware radios and any feature that depends on Bluetooth & Wi-Fi—such as Apple Watch connectivity or Location Services—will stop functioning as well.

For disabling Bluetooth, go to Settings à Bluetooth and then toggle off the Bluetooth slider.

For disabling Wi-Fi, go to Settings à Wi-Fi and then toggle off the Wi-Fi slider.

With disabling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi from the Settings app, they will be presented as “Off” in the main Settings screen rather than “Not Connected.”

So, what do you think about all this disabling and enabling of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?