A team of Markus Hengstschlager at the Institute of Medical Genetics of MedUni Vienna has found for the first time that our body is filled with cells and our stems can control them to execute any explicit functions. This fact is termed as the “language of stem cells”. This research was recently published in journal Nature Communications.

The author of the research indicated that the human pluripotent stem cells (a cell capable of giving a rise to other cell types) interact with neighboring cells by emanating protein signals. These signals stimulate cells in the adjoining tissue part, forcing them to shift from their present position and travel throughout the body to ultimately carry out dedicated functions at another site.

“It is actually enthralling to observe the outcome of the alteration prompt by stem cells on somatic cells,” said the lead author of the publication, Margit Rosner.

Several International level clinical trials are carried to utilize these stem cells for innovating novel treatment solutions for various deadly conditions such as cancer, heart attacks, and neurodegenerative diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s. The trials have also deployed for the treatment of atypical hereditary diseases. The main motive is to develop precise human cells such as heart muscle cells, islet cells, and nerve cells, in the lab for the transplantation, in optimism that this will aid to create broken organs and damaged tissue and bring back its functionality.

It is for the first time, the researchers of MedUni Vienna have revealed that stem should magnetize the normal cells from its adjacent tissue, through their own specific “language” to be able to form such tumors. The tumors, which are stem cell therapy’s side-effect, are forever the consequence of a combined effort amid the engaged cells from surrounding normal tissue and stem cells themselves.

In this research, the authors have also managed to manage to decode the fundamental molecular system.

Markus Hengstschlager, Chairman of the Institute of Medical Genetics said, “We were competent to exhibit that the growth of stem cell led tumors can be successfully withdrawn by barricading this method.”

In this study, the authors also managed to decode the fundamental molecular system. “We were competent to exhibit that the growth of stem cell led tumors can be successfully withdrawn by blockading this method.”

The breakthrough of this so far unidentified stem cells property and its connotation correspond to a key step towards the therapeutic application of pluripotent stem cells in humans in a safe way.