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Actors Paid To Back Power Plant, Report Revealed By A New Orleans Website

As per a report posted by one of the new sites, various actors were given remuneration to be present at the City Hall located in New Orleans. This was done to strengthen the support for the suggested power plant, which is gas powered.

New Orleans Website

The City Council of the New Orleans had already sanctioned the aforementioned power plant in March. However, as per the evidence revealed by The Lens, many supporters of the new venture were actors who have been paid to depict their support for the move.

Amongst all the allegations of The Lens, Entergy New Orleans has maintained silence and has strongly denied during the initial stage.

The Lens has identified the presence of a huge number of bright orange T-shirts at a meeting, which was organized in October to gather the public opinion. The vibrant color supported reliable power, clean energy, and god jobs.

The Lens also mentioned the comment of the CEO & President of Entergy New Orleans during the meeting, where he pointed his huge number of supporters.

The rumor got a firm direction when the actor Andrew Wiseman came forward and revealed the truth behind the huge support offered at the meeting wearing the Orange T-shirt.

After the first volunteer, a lawyer took the initiative and discovered the identity of the three other actors present at the same meeting. However, he couldn’t come up with a concrete proof against the actors that they were also paid.

However, Entergy revealed a different story, where the spokesperson said to a local news station that the seats at the meeting were available at will and didn’t involve any payment.

Amongst the numerous speculations and live witnesses, a clear reference regarding the original incident is not known. Even the numbers of fake and paid supporters are yet to be identified. On the other hand, The Lens wrote the presence of more opponents than supporters in the meeting held in March, which was free of any paid actors.


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