After being accused by 4 women for physical abuse, the attorney general of New York has announced his resignation. The statement released by Eric Schneiderman stated that the allegation against him has effectively prevented him to lead his office work any further, due to which he resigns from his position. Eric further states that it was his privilege and honor for serving as an attorney general and that he firmly fights against the allegations on him and says it to be untrue to be related to his operations in office or professional conduct.

After Four Women Accusing The New York Attorney General Of Physical Abuse, He Announces His Resignation

There were 2 women who spoke to the media and stated that Eric without their consent had hit them repeatedly, usually after drinking. There was a third woman victim who spoke to the other 2 women and narrated her story to them while stating that she was scared to come in the light and speak. The 4th victim stated that Eric had slapped her when the woman denied his acts but stated to remain undisclosed with her identity.

The 2 women who came forward and spoke were Tanya Selvaratnam and Michelle Manning Barish. They stated that there was often a physical abuse by Eric over the time which included hitting and choking as he used to drink massively. In an attempt to help the women, the media (associated press) identified them to make their stories public.

Michelle stated that she was with Eric from the mid-year of 2013 until the end of the year 2014 while Tanya was with Eric from the year 2016–2017. Michelle further stated that Eric had mentioned abusing her physically a few weeks later when they were dating. He had once slapped at night after they returned from an evening out. She further mentioned that she spoke to novelist Salman Rushdie and few of her other friends. The media after asking Eric to comment on the allegations stated that in all the relationships that he was engaged in, he never assaulted or physically abused anyone and that he would never cross the line.

His statement was further sent to the “Associated Press” by his representatives as they were asked for comments on the issue. Further to this, there was a statement sent by his representative of Jennifer Cunningham his ex-wife who stated that these allegations were untrue. She further mentioned that she has known Eric for 35 years and that he is a loving father and a man with the highest character.

Eric in the month of February had filed a complaint against Weinstein Co. and Harvey Weinstein, the movie producer for sexual misconduct and stated that company failed majorly to protect their employees from discrimination, pervasive sexual harassment, and intimidation. The #MeToo movement was actively supported by Eric as a vocal supporter.