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Bang & Olufsen Rolls Out BeoVision Eclipse And BeoLab 50 Speaker

Bang & Olufsen has extended its product series with the roll out of BeoLab 50, the first loudspeaker of the company, and BeoVision Eclipse, its music system.

The BeoLab 50 is tall, slender, and rounded by visible edges and floating lines. The warm oak wood lamellas and silver-refined aluminum surfaces are identifiable trademarks of products from Bang & Olufsen. The company says, utilizing an outside microphone, BeoLab 50 calculates its physical audio surroundings and implies the perfect filters for compensation to make optimum sound throughout the whole room or at your listening positions.

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The speaker also has the technology of Acoustic Lens that controls the dispersion of sound for the upper frequencies. The lens spreads the sound with the help of the Beam Width Control technology into either a narrow mode for a devoted listening sweet spot or a 180-degree sound mode for social enjoyment.

Having a price tag of Rs 2,700,000, the speaker will be obtainable on flagship shops of Bang & Olufsen.

In contrast to this, BeoVision Eclipse is both a music system and a television presented in one complete solution. It is the first TV designed by LG Electronics and Bang & Olufsen in joint venture.

The TV’s integrated and powerful 450 watt 3-channel SoundCentre provides both centre channel and stereo performance. BeoVision Eclipse acts as a highly flexible A/V-hub. The TV has a processing technology for 4K video and has the most recent webOS 3.5 platform of LG Electronics. The platform permits you to customize and access your favorite apps, content, as well as devices.

Everything is managed with a solitary remote dubbed as the BeoRemote One BT. BeoVision Eclipse will be obtainable in 2 sizes, a 65-inch and a 55-inch version. It will be obtainable in flagship stores of Bang & Olufsen with a beginning price label of Rs 1,000,000.

Well, the features of the both BeoLab 50 and BeoVision Eclipse are outstanding. The devices will blow the market owing to the high features that they offer. The only problem that is standing in the way is the price factor. Users will think twice before spending a huge amount of such devices.

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