Along with creating world domination and challenge the American leadership, China now wants to become a global powerhouse in the field of scientific research. It has the most laboratory scientists in the world. Not only this, China is also spending heavily in research and development. Apart from the US, the most scientific article in the world is also produced by China, but it is a big setback in this domination of China.

Since 2012, China had to withdraw a large number of scientific papers due to fraud scandal. According to the blog Retraction Watch, keeping an eye on research papers, due to Fake Peer Review, China has been forced to withdraw its papers. Recently, many high-profile scandals of suspected or fake research have surfaced. It has also discounted China’s credibility, which is dreaming of becoming a scientific supporter.

Zhang Lee, professor of Applied Physics at Xi’an Jiaotong University, said, “China wants to be a global leader in the field of science. But how do you get this floor? Maintaining the quality of science is the challenge. We have not yet decided how to do it.” Significantly, China has made a lot of progress in the field of science, research, and technology but it is also facing the problem of piracy and poor quality.

In April, a scientific journal returned 107 biological research papers. Most of these writers were Chinese citizens. Earlier, some facts were revealed, in which much fake information came out about the article. In the summer this year, a gene scientist from China had to withdraw his research paper, while in China he had got a status of celebrity. At one time, that scientist was considered to be entitled to the Nobel Prize. His research went back owing to other scientists could not repeat their results.

At the same time, a government investigation revealed that there is an online black market in China where the positive peer reviews range full research to the article. China’s President Xi Jinping has insisted that the country aims to become a global scientific and technological power by 2049. But these disclosures seem to be a big setback for their efforts.

Around the world, China has a huge influence with its products, but when a customer prefers quality products, there are fewer companies from China that have some linking with quality and reliability. This is also a reason that has restrained the demand for the products made in China in the global market.