The Seattle’s Space Needle is 500-foot high rotating SkyCity eating place in the United States’ currently. Seattle is going through renovations and is being equipped with a glass floor. It is situated in the Space Needle tower, which started in 1962. Remarkably, the Space Needle is going through a $100 Million (nearly Rs 655 Crore) transformation that also consist of floor-to-ceiling glass panels substituting a wire security cage on its surveillance deck. You will require having a cranium for heights to keep your meal down if you plan to eat dinner at the Space Needle in the Seattle.

Glass-Bottomed Restaurant

Latest plans have discovered that it will be made up of glass-bottomed restaurant, which will rotate, and the watching deck on top of it will have a glass viewing display place. The Space Needle is a watching tower that was constructed in the Seattle hub in 1962 World’s Fair. Olson Kundig designer are super visioning the $100 m reformations to the city’s most well-known architectural symbol, led by planner Alan Maskin.

The eating place and watching deck renovations form the integral part of the Century venture, a multi-year project mainly focused on safeguarding and renovation of the 54-year-old symbol. Strategies were announced prior this year and building has now started.

The restaurant’s eating experience will take place around 500 Feet in the sky, high above the adjoining city skyline. It will be re-imagined with a revolving glass bottom inaugurating downstairs views of the construction never seen prior to this. The revolving walk able glass bottom is the first to be set up in a house that is open to all its customers. It is designed to securely hold up large crowds as well as fittings like a grand piano. The go-getting venture will intensify the Observation Deck overall experience with floor-to-ceiling made up of glass on the both interior and exterior.

Several brave visitors can actually walk out to the viewing display place with many glass benches to take pleasure in 360-degree views of the Seattle skyline, Cascade Mountains and Olympic adjoining islands. While the exterior of the structure will stay largely untouched, whereas in the interior you will enjoy major technical upgrades and plan modifications.