Amazon this week claimed it has got 238 offers from regions all over North America contending to be home to its 2nd head office. “It is the prize of a life span; a $5 Billion spending making 50,000 well-paid occupations that everybody needs, but only one city will receive. We got 238 offers from all over North America for 2nd head office,” the Seattle-located Internet major claimed from its official Twitter account in a post. “The team is eager to evaluate each of them!” From North to South and East to West, metropolises all over the U.S. are locked in a frantic bidding battle, anxious to woo Amazon into helping them as the location of the second headquarters of the e-commerce giant.

Offers were also claimed to have come from Mexico and Canada. From $7 Billion in Newark in tax breaks to a huge cactus shipped in Arizona from Tucson, bids ranged from the highly determined to the silly prior to the deadline for compliances lately passed. The e-commerce major last month declared that it aimed to spend more than $5 Billion in unlocking Amazon HQ2, a 2nd headquarters of the company in North America that might also produce hundreds of thousands of spin-off occupations. “We anticipate second headquarters to be completely equal to our headquarters located in Seattle,” pledged Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and second richest billionaire in the U.S. worth $85.8 Billion.

The extraordinary declaration revealed spirited streaks all over nation as some of most glittering cities of the U.S. compete with lesser-aware backwaters seeking to exit oblivion. Apart from direct investment and hiring, Amazon anticipated operation and construction of second headquarters to make hundreds of thousands of extra jobs. Amazon in an online post claimed that it is making the choice of its second head office a communal process since it wants to discover a city that is keyed up to work with them. It has showed a first choice for locations with a business-friendly environment, more than 1 Million individuals, and suburban or urban areas able to retain and attract strong talent related to technology.