Civil aviation ministry of India this week claimed that a number of rules for the utilization of drones in the nation as it seeks to legalize the utilization of unmanned aerial systems. Utilized by the military for imagery and monitoring, drones have turned out to be well-liked all over the world in recent years, with individuals publishing awe-inspiring videos on social media and e-commerce firms seeking to employ them for deliveries. On the other hand, in India it is against the law for the general public to operate drones without the acceptance from the authorities of the government, due to the concern over the security of people on the ground and other consumers of airspace.

Drones In India

Consumers of drones having a weight of more than 2 Kilograms will require a operating permit, safety clearance, a remote pilot license, and unique identification number as per the draft rules. Drones have various commercial applications, such as in mining and in agriculture, claimed junior minister for civil aviation, Jayant Sinha, to the media in an interview last week. He further claimed that the rules were anticipated to motivate the drone market all over the country.

The ministry has asked for comments from public within a period of 30 Days, after which the rules will be finalized. The policy is anticipated to roll out by the end of this year. The application of drones might be prohibited within a specific distance from the borders of the country, from airports, and some regions excluded by the home ministry. People who would violate the rule be charged below provisions of the penal code of the country, as per the planned regulations.

Once the rules are finalized, e-commerce firms might be permitted to utilize drones to cater goods, claimed RN Choubey, secretary of civil aviation, to the media in an interview last week. He further claimed that the government was operating on techs to restrain the utilized of the rogue drones. Directorate General of Civil Aviation, the Aviation regulator, will supervise the utilization of drones as soon as the rules are rolled out and used with immediate effect.