The top consumer commission has ordered the ICICI bank to reimburse more than Rs 2 Lakh to a user who lost the money via an ATM scam in 2006–2007. The NCDRC (National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission) has ordered the bank to also give a compensation of almost Rs 2,000 to Karam Singh, a Haryana inhabitant, who lost Rs 207,368 between November 11, 2006, and February 2, 2007. Singh had blamed that during the period of 3 Months, he failed to get any message for transaction from the bank. The NCDRC has supported the move of lower foras ordering the bank to give a reimbursement to Singh of Rs 2,000.


“The State Commission in addition to the District Forum have based their decision on the matter of deactivation of the facility of sending texts to the users for each payment. It is obvious from record that the text alert service had been offered to the complainant by the Bank. It is not implicit, on the other hand, why the said tactility was not functional during the timeframe in question, that is, from November 11, 2006, to February 2, 2007,” claimed B C Gupta, the NCDRC presiding member, to the media in an interview. As per the complaint, the final payment carried out by Singh was on November 20, 2006 and during that time, the balance money was Rs 207,627 left in the account.

It additionally claimed that on February 26, 2007, when he needed to remove some money from the account, the ATM machine displayed that the balance money as only Rs 203. It is supposed that the money was deceitfully removed by somebody from his account during the time of November 11, 2006, to February 2, 2007, but he did not get any text on his handset during the mentioned timeframe. Singh also claimed that even the text regarding the preservation of minimum balance of Rs 5,000 in the account was not sent. The bank, on the other hand, claimed that the PIN as well as debit card was in control of the complainant so no money might have been removed.