A smartphone application for female commuters, which passes on urgent situation alerts and also a video recording of 60 Seconds to dear ones and security men, was rolled out for the Western line by the RPF (Railway Protection Force) this week. “EyeWatch Railways” will operate only when a traveler utilizes it while on the premises of railway.

RPF Rolls Out App For Women Safety With Video-Recording And Panic Alerts

From January 2017 to August 2017, the RPF swiped more than 10,700 males travelling in the compartment designed for ladies. Almost 97% of them were found guilty and Rs 25.5 Lakh realized in penalties.

“We have operated on enhancing this smartphone application for a couple of months to customize it as per needs of the commuters. The traveler requires entering her phone number for registration. We can also recognize the location of the handset and transmit assist in view of that,” claimed Udai Shukla, chief security commissioner of RPF (WR), to the media in an interview.

EyeWatch Railways is free of cost to install. It sports various alerts such as security, medical, sexual harassment, and emergency taxi. The alert transported out has data that can assist track down the consumer. It has a URL and GPS location, which can be used and tapped for tracing in real-time. The control room of RPF receives emergency contacts as well as the same data. When the panic warning is turned off, they will one more time receive additional warning as to whether it was a fake alarm or whether the user has now stroked herself as secure.

There are almost 1,486 cameras on Western Railway that are observed by the RPF. There is also a lively WhatsApp group dubbed as Sakhi where members are female commuters and RPF women personnel travelling on a regular basis on the suburban region. Traveler suggestions and grievances are discussed on this group, officials claimed to the media in an interview.

Well, the topic of women safety has been of utmost importance seeing the rising incidents of sexual harassment and rapes. This move of launching out a smartphone app will indeed help a lot of females in case of emergency and keep them safe.