Usage of data on the network of telecom providers, exclusive of Reliance Jio, increased 2x in 6 Months to almost 37 Lakh Gigabyte or 359 Petabytes each month at the quarter ending in June, as per expanded report of Nokia Mbit.

Data Usage On Telecom Companies’ Network Increased To 359 PB In 6 Months

As per infographics in the study, usage of data on the network of telecom providers in India was 165 PB last year in December. “We have witnessed noteworthy elevation in data usage. Consumption of data of network of telecom providers in India elevated 2.2x in 6 Months. Hence, we have emerged with expansion of the report form Nokia Mbit,” Amit Marwah, Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs at Nokia, claimed to the media in an interview.

The report does not have figures of Reliance Jio network, he further claimed. The study claimed that 4G will turn out to be leading technology by the end of 2018. Even though there has been no modification in consumption of 3G data in the entire pie at 55%, the 4G data consumption jumped to 34% in June 2017 from 3% of the entire data used in the nation in June 2015. “The data is based on measurement for traffic flow on Nokia Network in the nation that has been extrapolated all over the nation. The prototype size of almost 350 Million users and 1/3rd of them utilize mobile broadband,” Marwah further claimed.

According to the study, penetration of 3G device crossed 40% level in the nation, with robust development in 4G mobile handsets. As much as 18% of active handsets linked to the studied network are VoLTE compatible, the report claimed. Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE) is high-end and newest variant of calls that are carried on 4G networks based on Internet. Currently, Reliance Jio provides full service of phone call utilizing VoLTE technology. Airtel has recently begun VoLTE-based plans and calls to extend it all over the country by the end of the present fiscal year.

Well, seeing the current situation of the current prices of plans and offers, the upcoming period will witness more and more increase in the data usage.