Tech major IBM and Reliance Group’s Unlimit this week declared a partnership to co-create Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for industry segments, comprising insurance, automotive, industrial automation, and utilities. Unlimit is an IoT (Internet of Things) project for companies.

IBM And Reliance Unlimit To Collaborate In Fueling Iot Innovation In India

The two firms are designing IoT solutions for execution all over Reliance Group firms, addressing main sectors such as Reliance commercial finance (vehicle and asset tracking), Reliance general insurance (user-based insurance), BSES & Reliance energy (transformer maintenance), and Reliance communications (tower monitoring). “With 2.7 Billion linked gadgets and growing Indian economy, consumers and enterprises are holding IoT at an uncontrolled pace,” General Manager for Watson IoT of Customer Education and Engagement at IBM, Harriet Green, claimed to the media in an interview during the first-ever IBM GoT (Genius of Things) summit.

“Our partnership is an instance of IBM leading the worldwide IoT movement with a rising bionetwork of partners and clients. This underlines how “Unlimit” and IBM are taking the supremacy of IoT to Indian companies and confining the occurrence of digital disturbance for joint client modernization,” she further added. As a fraction of the partnership, IBM will offer its platform of Watson IoT to connect and collect data, comprising sensor information, from gadgets and offer use-case precise dashboards.

“Since India is turning out to be the hot bed for digital disturbance, we are sure that our influential technology platform, with Watson IoT at its center, will offer companies with a scalable, flexible, and secure solution,” CEO of “Unlimit,” Juergen Hase, claimed to the media here. Unlimit will develop IoT use cases for different industries in the Indian market and construct them on the IBM platform of Watson IoT, which offers IoT rules, device registration, visualization, advanced analytics, and cognitive as well as reports capabilities for every use case.

Consequently, instead of approaching companies on daily basis, Unlimit will offer users with access to these abilities so that they can use IoT-driven information and insights for business decisions, revenue streams, and to create new product offerings. The Unlimit IoT platform was rolled out this year in April. Unlimit plans to offer a common platform for vertical segments such as healthcare, automation, financial services, agriculture, and asset tracking.