Google has allegedly verified that handsets running on Android, its operating system, have been gathering data of your location unknowingly. The search major has claimed that the Android handsets have been gathering the information and sharing it with the company even when the location functions are turned off.

Android Smartphones Are Sharing Location Data Even When Location Services Are Turned Off

On the other hand, it has been verified that the company will discontinue this practice by this month end, reports the local media.

“In January 2017, we started seeing into utilizing Cell ID codes as an extra signal to additionally enhance the performance and speed of message delivery,” the spokesperson of Google claimed to the media in an interview. “On the other hand, we never integrated Cell ID into our system sync network, so that information was instantly discarded, and we upgraded it to Cell ID with no longer request.”

Some scientists have claimed that even though the information is encrypted, it is likely to transport the information to 3rd party services if the smartphone is impacted with spyware. For now, it is claimed that there is no answer for this issue. Hindering the location services and factory resetting the handset will not work as handsets both on Wi-Fi and on mobile data are claimed to convey location data to the company when close by a cell tower.

Speaking of the operating system, Fuchsia OS of Google has surfaced up online one more time in repository of the company. As cited by The Next Web, from what is discovered in the code by the developers, Google might be operating on the support of programming language of Apple dubbed as Swift for the not-yet-declared operating system.

For those who are not aware, Swift is programming language of Apple employed by developers to develop applications on macOS, iOS, watchOS, as well as tvOS. The addition of support to Swift in Fuchsia operating system is expected to transport more app developers on the ship for the platform. Apart from this, it will make it simpler for Google to port apps from Apple onto Fuchsia operating system, whenever it reaches consumers.

For now, Google will be focusing on disabling the unknowingly sharing of location data.