Roughly mid-day, 74-year old Sombhai Modi completely blows the conch armor at the newly raised Sirdi Sai temple in a very old age home, which is run by the Sarvodaya Sewa Trust. The complex lately acquired gates; however, there is almost nothing to detract from the comparative anonymity and predictability that marks the ‘aarti’ puja and other rituals and traditions that are the vital part of the everyday routine at the old age ashram.

Family Remains Untouched By Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Rise

Sombhai Modi’s younger brother is Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his rise has not altered things at the Vadnagar old age ashram where Sombhai Modi has stayed since the year 2001’s Gujarat terrible earthquake. Narendra Modi became the chief minister later that year, initiating him on an expedition that had taken him to the Prime Minister post, but Sombhai Modi’s life remains unchanged and unaffected as he tends to be aged and organizes blood donation camps as well as healthcare camps.

Nothing like the more common development of relatives gaining in prosperity and authority, Sombhai Modi aims to being called the “PM Brother” and feels contented with the lack of awareness. In spite of repeated appeals, Sombhai Modi refuses to give an interview stating, “It kills the idea of not utilizing the profile of my younger brother Narendra Modi.” He further added, “There are quite a few people who are running (Ashram) old age homes like me but you chose me to interrogate simply as I am Prime Minister’s brother. It encourages period, and might be, relatives and other associates will try to control citizens and mistreat the power.”

Sombhai Modi put forward a visit to Vadnagar city, which has seen changes lately with the creation of a new and fresh railway station, the one where Narendra Modi used to wholesale tea at an exit run by his father known as Damodardas Modi. Sombhai Modi is not an exemption. The Modi person, progeny of Moolchand Modi, Narendra Modi’s grandfather, is rather extensively spread out. Most lead comparatively unexceptional lives. In the time, Narendra Modi became the Chief Minister in the year 2001 and became the Prime Minister in the year 2014, his extensive family unit remains much the same.