Bungie and Activision are teaming up to bring the Ghost in the Destiny 2’s A.I. from the virtual world into the real world with the help of Alexa. This deadly combination will create an immersive experience in the gaming world for the first-person shooters.

The New Skill By Alexa Made Destiny 2 More Immersive

The intelligent personal assistant, Alexa, was developed by Amazon and the skills from Alexa are being used by Activision and Bungie for making changes in the Destiny 2. This change will be—the players will now be able to interact with the Ghost.

This new advancement will help the gamers to request Alexa to command Ghost to carry out different tasks, which will gradually reflect in the account of the gamers. The gamers will be provided with facilities such as the Ghost manage inventory, call for back up, and change the armor or weapons while they are in the game.

In addition, the gamers have a benefit that the Ghost will suggest them about the activities; they just have to tell Alexa to ask Ghost about the next step. The other benefit offered is connectivity—the players can send messages to the fellow players and can also track the player’s Clan.

With the help of new skill of Alexa, players of Destiny 2 can receive updated news about the game such as some important dates and game events.

There is another surprise that Bungie and Activision are planning for the gamers, that is, the Wi-Fi speaker. It will have the exact look of the Ghost. To access the skill of Alexa in this accessory speaker, they should be paired up. Nolan North, who lends his voice to the Ghost in the game, is also being used in the speaker. This fancy accessory speaker costs around $90 for a limited duration. Six percent of the speakers have already been sold on the Amazon web store. The Ghost speakers will be released and shipped on December 19, 2017. The Ghost speaker does not support Bluetooth facility. The gamers are very much eager to own their Ghost speaker in order to experience that awesomeness in their gaming.