Jatayu Nature Park, an adventure spot has grandly opened at the privileged part of Kerala, Chadayamangalam in Kollam. The same place mentioned in Ramayana, where the mythological demigod, Jatayu lost Sita from the evil king Ravana.

Jatayu Earth’s Center Is Open To Hike Your Adventure Spirit

The nature park embarks to be the largest bird sculpture with the mythological character in the form of huge statue in the world. The Jatayu’s sculpture is the center of attraction with 70 ft. in height and 200 ft. in dimension with its wide dynamic spread of 150 ft. Rajiv Anchal, the regional filmmaker gives the spot the real essence of the eagle felling down by designing and developing the sculpture of the eagle on its back and the huge spread of the wings with sharp edges. The mythological scene of the fight between Jatayu and Ravana for saving Sita is spectacularly portrayed in the form of majestic architectural skills.

Build under PPP (Public Private Partnership), the 65-acre land is especially designed to promote beautiful nature and Leisure Park. As Kerala known for its Ayurvedic effects, you will notice an ayurvedic resort in the park with new age digital museum in a 6D Theater. It’s an absolute adventurous haven with 20 activities, ranging from paintball, rifle shooting, rock climbing, zip lining, rappelling, archery, hill top camping and much more. The natural rocks in the park are used for trekking, jumaring and other mounting activities.

After an energetic day filled with adventurous activities, the evening soothes you with its hospitality. The age old Siddha Treatment in the confine of the caves will relax your mind and body. The dinning arrangements will make your evening memorable with moonlight and food court situated between the cliff faces on a flat surface.

The park is a great deal of employment opportunities for the locals and tourism revenue benefit for the Government of Kerala. The park is completely eco-friendly with its renewable energy and rainwater harvesting generation projects. The reservoir has a capacity of about 20 lakh liter of water saving and using it for its electrical needs. Visit the nature to unwind your busy life with adventurous activities.