Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted the fulsome and lavish dinner for the daughter of the US President Donald Trump Ivanka Trump, and his flanking consultant, who is most important in a 360 member allocation from the USA to the Global Entrepreneurship meeting.

Five Royal Course Meal For Ivanka, Prime Minister Narendra Modi At Falaknuma Palace In Hyderabad

Launching a global business meeting in the city of Hyderabad, the US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump and PM Narendra Modi were also joined by a robot called Mitra. Few hours later, they were served the most lavish five course meal at the city’s famous and beautiful Falaknuma Palace, which was once owned by the King Nizams of royals in that area. Ivanka, also an unofficial consultant to her father Donald Trump (US President), received a very warm and affectionate welcome in the high-tech city of Hyderabad with all the paraphernalia of a state guest.

She said it’s just start and “might” just outperform, “your world most famous and popular biryani”. There was no revelation of biryani in the details given out of the lavish and fulsome 5 course ceremonial dinner, which was prearranged around what is called the greatest and longest dining table in the whole world – it can accommodate around 102 people. Khubani ke Malai Kofta, Gosht Shikampuri Kebab, Sitaphal Kulfi, Murg Pista ka Salan these were the star performers of the banquet, according to the head chefs; figs and saffron were used for that special and amazing flavors. The global business meeting that has Ivanka as the lead of the US allocation seeks improved opportunities especially for women entrepreneurs fighting heavy and major odds around the globe.

Delhi is hopeful and will further improve political and financial ties with the USA under the Trump management. Ivanka wore a bright green beautiful floral dress at the meeting. She said, improving the development of businesses led by women and closing the sexual category private enterprise gap could assist to increase global GDP by 2%. The Global Entrepreneur meeting is an event visualized by ex-U.S. President (Barack Obama). It has earlier been held in countries like Turkey and the United States, but this year’s publication is the primary under the Trump management.