On the Delhi-Mumbai flight, the Dangal actress was been reportedly molested by a man sitting behind her seat in the aircraft. The actress, who is 17 years old, through an Instagram post said the man was continuously rubbing his foot on her neck and shoulder while she was half asleep. Narrating the horrifying incident, the actress had posted a video about it while she was on board with Vistara Airlines, with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Dangal Actress Zaira Wasim Molested On Delhi-Mumbai Flight

With a quivering voice, in her video, she said “I just landed, and I will tell you about the incident, this is not done at all. This is not the way a girl should be treated, this is not done at all. This is the way they are going to take care of girls? No one can take care of girls if they don’t take care of themselves. This is the worst thing to happen.”

The actress said, I tried to click a photo of him but because of the dim lights did not get a very clear shot of him. “Just managed to get a picture of his foot. It was even worse because the lights were dim.” She said he kept rubbing her shoulder and neck for 5 to 10 minutes continuously.

I tried to record it to understand what was going on, but as the lights were dim I couldn’t understand, I also ignored it for the first time I thought it might be because of the turbulence. But, I saw a pleasant sight, of his foot, rubbing my back and neck. I think he had a problem, sitting like a civilized man.

The actress in one of her posts also criticized the airlines saying, Wonderful crew members “slow claps for the entire Vistara crew guys”.